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Clinet Online, a leading web hosting company domiciled in Nairobi Kenya, prides itself in making sure that it is easy for businesses to get hosting that is affordable, secure and one which is always available.

We have different hosting plans which makes it easy for your hosting needs to grow as your business grows.

You Can Afford

We have different hosting plans which makes it easy for your hosting needs to grow as your business grows. By doing this, we make hosting affordable to our clients. From as low as Ksh. 2,000 per annum, you will get a decent hosting package that will meet your business needs. When your business grows, as we believe it shall, we make it very easy to switch over to higher packages. This gives your business the much needed resources and grants you an increasingly greater level of control of your hosting. From start-up web hosting all the way to fully managed VPS hosting, Clinet Online has got you covered!

Any hosting plan you purchase gives you a free domain!

We are Dependable

Our web hosting services are reliable and we guarantee all our clients of a 99.99% uptime. We have put in place measures to ensure that no eventualities make your site to be unavailable to your users. Some of these measures include maintaining redundant servers which ensure there is always a duplicate-server should one server develop a technical hitch. We also have a comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Strategy and a Business Continuity Plan, which gives our clients the assurance that our services shall always be available.


Our customer support lines are open 24/7 so should you need to make any clarification, or whenever you need to enquire something concerning your hosting account, you shall find a team that is ready to assist.

We Think Security

We have a security-first approach in all our hosting plans. With the web getting increasingly insecure, all our packages have embedded security features that gives you the assurance that your business is safe. Our servers are round-the-clock secured with advanced firewall systems, Linux Malware Detectors, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Malware Prevention and Detection, among many other security measures that we have put in place to keep your business truly safe.


In addition to this, we provide free SSL certificates for any package that you purchase. This ensures that all your online activities are safe and that your website is fully safeguarded against malicious access and modification by any unauthorized sources.

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