Super Benefits of a website for your small business

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Few days ago we posted a curious article here on our website about ‘Why small businesses need a website’ which was subsequently widely shared on Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp. It triggered a really huge debate storm here on our website and on social media with many people arguing for or against the idea based on their own personal imaginations, prejudices, facts and fiction alike.

Read the Article here: Does our small business need a website?

Though we at Clinet Online were excited to start such a necessary exchange of ideas between evidently philosophically divorced persons, it’s equally disappointing to even think that this is still a real debate in Kenya a country claiming to be above most in technological advancement here in Africa. With the far technology has come, the reasonable side of this debate should be clearer than a glass of distilled water. Granted, there are countless shops and solid businesses out there which are by any metrics imaginable successful without having a website or even a single grain of online presence. But in this era of ‘information is power’, imagine how much more they would have been successful and be sure to keep the same track if they just lifted a finger slightly and invested in a website with real information about their business.

It’s undeniable, and please let’s not keep having the same outdated conversation. A website is a must have for any business. If you don’t have one, give us a call and let us sort you out.

As we promised, (and because Clinet Online doesn’t break promises), this article is dedicated to well laid out points on what a website would do for your small business. If you already have a website, continue reading and learn more, and if you don’t have a website we genuinely hope this will give you a change of heart … and you should be on the next paragraph already.

The following is our take on what a website specifically, intelligently and professionally designed to educate, involve and influence your audience to buy can do for your business. (And we think it’s important to point out this applies to small, medium and huge corporations alike).

  1. Reach and build new markets

Target customers are always searching online for diverse details on products they want to purchase before making a final decision of if, where and when to purchase. If you have a website which is at the center of your social media posts/campaigns then interested parties will easily be led from social media and from search engines such as Google to your website for detailed product/service description which must entail educating, engaging and finally influencing them to buy. A website differentiates you from many other random business people posting products on social media fighting for same target market.

  1. Project professionalism and credibility

The internet and particularly social media is one big jungle with millions of wolves-like business people fighting for your target market. It probably takes way less than a strand of hair-thin differentiator to make you stand out from the hungry pack. Many businesses seeking to sell via social media do not have websites partly because they are never serious businesses in the first place and majorly because they are content with the small successes they’ve enjoyed so far.

However, if you want to stand out and breathe in a rare air of professionalism and credibility, a website will go a long way in placing you way ahead of the many jokers and wannabes grabbing your potential clients right before your eyes. It will allow you to display your products in ways your social media competitors would only dream of, give you a platform to educate your audience and even offer more products.

  1. Open up other marketing options

Who anointed Facebook and twitter as the only forms of internet marketing and advertising?

For most businesses without a website, Facebook and twitter normally seem like a reasonable option to screen out loud in favor of their products. With a website, social media nevertheless remains an important platform but with massive support from other channels and options a website brings. Channels and options opened up by a website include; Content marketing, search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, Google AdWords among many others.

A website gives you the opportunity to determine where you want to appear on Google search upon search of related keywords. Like everyone else, I expect you’d love to appear at the very top. With a website, now you can!!

We shall discuss this different types of Digital marketing in a separate article. Hold still.

  1. Get an Emailing system and create an email database

A website really ups your game when it comes to projecting a top level professional image. The website’s domain (e.g.; allows you to have your-business customized emails such as ( Notice the similarity between the domain and email?

This even further opens you up to take advantage of cloud platforms which make you more efficient and increase your productivity. At Clinet Online, we are cloud experts and ‘Google Apps Partners’, we shall take you through Google Apps for work in a more detailed separate article which will give you a clear understanding of the cloud.

Also, through your website, it becomes easy for you to request and collect emails from your clients and prospective clients to build an emailing list or database which can be very instrumental in the tested and successful email marketing technique.

These are just but highlights of what a website does for your business from marketing to technical areas of your business. They only serve to underscore why your business needs a website. If we were to discuss all the benefits of having a website for your business, we would most certainly need a whole book or two to document every single detail.

Don’t wait no more, get your business a website.

Our team at Clinet Online is hardworking and takes pride in educating you in our areas of expertise and we therefore commit ourselves to post articles on topics promised in this article. Thank you for going through our website, we appreciate you, kindly leave us a comment.