Let’s Talk Security: Is your website really secured?

There is a rise in the number of cyber-attacks being reported in recent times. This is even more serious because it is happening to companies we know, companies we have been transacting with and companies we trusted to take care of our information. No company desires to be hacked, because this leads to loss of client confidence – and the panic usually generated may lead to clients withdrawing their services from you.

While there are many ways through which hackers can get their way into you and your business, there are loopholes that your online business portal may have which can make it even easier for this loss of data to occur. Naturally, all communications between a client and your site can be snooped by other people on the network, and this can lead to quiet stealing of information. The good news is, there is a solution to this, where you can install a security certificate (called SSL – Secure Socket Layer) on your website that encrypts all communication between your clients and your website and/or any other online resource.

Statistics from Mozilla show us that half of the traffic on the Internet is unencrypted. This shows that hackers and malicious persons still have a large pool to siphon data from. Could your business be part of this traffic that is unencrypted? Are you wondering whether this SSL “thing” is really for you? Let’s tell you why you need it.

  1. Builds customer trust. When your customers see the green lock on your site, they know they are safe and any data they store with you is free from infiltration by malicious hands.
  2. It shows the authenticity of your business. When your customers see the green lock, they are sure that they are sending their data to an authentic site and not to an imposter waiting to poach the data.
  3. Customers can find you more easily. Google has embarked on ensuring that websites which are secured get better search engine ranking than those which are not.
  4. Increases the safety of your website. Failure to have SSL leaves your website prone to common attacks such as man-in-the-middle and identity theft attacks. Any of these is sure to cripple your reputation and drown the business altogether.
  5. It raises your brand value. The conspicuous red warning which browsers now put on insecure websites is bad for your brand and is harmful to your business.

At Clinet Online, from as low as Ksh 5,000, we are ready to focus on the security of your customers and their online interactions while we give you the peace to focus on your business. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk security.