How can Digital Branding help your Business?

Any business which is intentional about having a healthy relationship with its customers cannot ignore the value of a brand. What, then, is a brand?

In the past, a brand was some piece of hot metal which was used to put a personal mark on those animals which you owned. When a person saw the mark, then they knew that animal belonged to this or that person.

The modern purpose of a brand has not changed significantly. Seth Godin defines a brand as the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationship that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose this product or service and not another. It is seen in everything that relates to your organization: business name, logo, signage, slogans, quality of online photos, accuracy of your reports, company colors, online publications, etc. It helps a customer to recognize you when they see you, and to have a list of valid expectations any time they interact with you or your product.

In a digital age, branding has also become digital. In this connection, digital branding is what goes on through the minds of people whenever they see anything that relates to you online e.g. a flyer, a social media post, a response to a complaint, etc. It is the signature your customers attach to anything associated with you on the internet.

Always remember that brand artworks (e.g. logo design, corporate colors, etc) is as important as brand messaging (e.g. tagline, brand values etc). It is the clarity and appropriateness of brand messaging that help consumers make sense of your brand artworks. A vague message irritates. If a consumer has to ask a question before they understand who you are, then it’s enough proof that you need to rewrite your brand messaging.

Here at , we are industry leaders in ensuring your digital brand is of the right shape and size. We have over the years come up with a wide variety of products that will ensure you have a rich online presence, and that you communicate to your clients with precision and confidence. Our offerings on digital branding include:

  • Developing your Brand Artworks e.g. Logo Design, Company colors, etc.
  • Doing Brand Messaging e.g. Generating brand tagline, brand personality, brand values, and brand differentiation etc.
  • Content development e.g. for websites, brochures, digital banners, email templates, etc.
  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile App Development

Branding to Small Businesses

­Branding is equally important to small businesses. A small or new business is not widely known, and branding is just the way to let people know how to automatically recognize your business. It shows them your business is legitimate and that they can trust it. It communicates to them that they can count on you, and this makes them feel safe doing business with you even if they have no previous history with you.

Branding also leads to a more motivated work force. Since strong branding communicates clarity of business direction, your staff are more confident about your future, and they will be more motivated. Also, given that it sticks into the mind of the consumer, it makes it easy for a consumer to refer your product to another, which brings new customers and causes increased sales. How would you recommend something to someone, something you never quite understood in the first place?

Remember that someone will rarely buy something they don’t know, or something they have not heard about. Apart from a small group called “Early Adopters”, research shows that most consumers, when they see a new commodity, they ignore it in favor of what they already know. But when they keep seeing it there, see it online or hear about it, they gain some level of trust and they are now willing to try it out. Make sure you don’t frustrate their maiden expectations, as this is brand suicide.

Basic Modes of Digital Branding

A website is one of the basic ways in which your branding must start. If a potential consumer can find all the information they need to know about you from your website, it communicates to them that you are a transparent and a reliable business. When your website looks well organized and carefully colored, the person automatically forms an opinion of what kind of a business they are dealing with. That is the birth of your brand!

Social media is the other very popular way of strengthening your brand. Social media is meant not only to inform but also to engage. This means that the success of social media branding is based on the consistency and informativeness of your social media updates, as well as your speed and appropriateness of replies to your consumer’s social media queries. One gem of social media is: keep it short but frequent! People don’t like reading long posts no matter how beneficial. Whenever one sees a post, they first size up its length to know whether they will read it now or “later on”.

At , we have mastered the art of designing and developing for you a website that displays just enough, as well as come up with an effective social media campaign strategy for you. Contact us and we shall show you the way.

Keys to Successful Branding

In conclusion, these are the simple keys that are likely to guarantee the success of your digital branding:

  • Simplicity – communicate with clarity and in a way that is easy to understand. Can they understand who you are? Are the benefits clear enough?
  • Brevity – just keep it short. Avoid information density or verbal overload. It does not communicate how rich you are with information, or the wide array of services you offer; it shows disorganization and confusion. You don’t want that for your business.

Consistency – consistency should be maintained in terms of the information contained across all your brand artifacts, the frequency of your social media updates, the way services are rendered, the response times, etc. Make sure the consumer gets what your brochures promised, if not more.

I will close with the words of Howard Schultz. He said that “mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”  Ensure you deliver what you promised, and your brand is assured of longevity.

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