How an Effective Website Can Elevate Your Business

Bill Gates, the mogul who runs our lives through Windows, said “Information Technology (IT) and business are inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anyone can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.” That is a solid truth right there, and it is given more weight by the fact that it is authored by one man who has immensely succeeded in both business and information technology.

Clinet Online

Clinet Online

It is for this inter-connectivity between IT and success in business that a creative agency like our own –Clinet Online– exists, to help businesses leverage the consumption of IT so as to experience a boost in their business. IT offers many solutions, one of which is a website, which is the core of our subject today. In what ways does having a good website elevate your business?

  1. It forms the access point to your business. When potential customers hear about you and want to know more about your business, the website is the first place they access, and through it they are able to get more specific contact information and location of your business. Does your website leave customers feeling they are in the right place?
  2. It gives the first impression about your business. When customers visit your website, what they see there will determine whether they want to take their engagement with you to another level or consider other options. Do all you can to ensure the website bears the right face of your business.
  3. It shows customers what they can expect from you. Your website must communicate your brand promises to your customers, current and potential. It lets the client know what they can expect from you should they desire to do business with you. It can either instill clarity and confidence in the mind of the client if it is correctly structured, or dim the client’s hopes if it looks confused or confusing.
  4. It boosts your visibility on Google. When your website is well structured, people can more easily find you on Google and other search engines. The more visible you are on Google the more accessible you become to your customers.
  5. It tells customers what you have done in the past, some of the significant businesses you have undertaken for others, among others. This gives customers the confidence that you know your game and that you can be trusted and relied on.
  6. It gives people detailed information about the products and services you offer. Customers do not enjoy having to make calls and write emails to you so that they can understand what it is that you are selling. This leaves them feeling like you are a disorganized entity. Provide them with enough info about what you do and this clarity on your part translates to confidence on their part, and this leads to good entries on your financial statements.
  7. It shows you are willing to invest in your business. A good website is indeed an investment, and when a customer sees that you are willing to make an investment on your business, they take it that you are serious about your business and its future. From a customer’s point of view, trust not a man who is not intensely convinced or convincing about his trade.
  8. It shows you care. It shows that you want to make it easier for your clients to find you, that you do not want to operate in mystery, that you do not want your customers to struggle finding you or knowing more about you. Always remember the first question a customer asks themselves is “Can I trust you?” When the answer is in the affirmative, they are even willing to pay a few more coins.

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An effective website is an asset to your business. Just like in job applications where only shortlisted applicants are contacted, only the owners of convincing websites are contacted by potential customers. Have customers been contacting you?  Have they commented on your business? Or rather, let’s start with, is yours an effective website? Can we help you to answer that?

That is the reason why Clinet Online exists, to help you design websites that have your business in mind and your customers at heart. And we are willing and able to do that for your business. Can we talk?

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