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The power of Internet to Small Businesses

Posted by Clinet Online on  December 23, 2016

Category: Cloud
In the past, they used to say “Think before you speak”; these days they insist “Google before you post”. This intended-to-be-hilarious saying helps to clearly bring out one fact: we can no longer ignore the power of the Internet. Allow us to back up this with historical and current statistics. When Google was started in 1998, it was serving 10,000 search queries per day.Today, it processes about 57,000 queries per second.Annually, it will process about 2.5 trillion
Before you put on your reading costume and dive into this article, I would kindly direct you to first read my first piece on this topic titled ‘Really, what is Digital Marketing’ which will do you a whole lot of good in understanding and appreciating contents of the following paragraphs. Read article here; Really, what is Digital Marketing While the first article was a general introductory discussion for small businesses to digital marketing, this one
Let’s begin with a question that’s on my mind right now. I’m really wondering and even concerned what kind of device you are using to read this article right now? And since I’m a decent digital marketer, let me shout some guesses out. Well, probably you are seated in front of your giant laptop, or maybe scrolling down a tablet with your index finger. Did I get it right? …   For some people I’m probably

Really, what is Digital Marketing?

Posted by Clinet Online on  February 27, 2016

Category: Digital Marketing
Do you remember those old days, way back when the only channels you got to know about new products, services and stuffs was through TV, Radio or newspapers? The sweet old days when top brands which will remain in our minds for the longest time in this life painted all the ‘dukas’ and ‘kiosks’ across the local market place with their logos and product colors? Of course you do, I mean, it’s not like these

Cloud is the future of business

Posted by Clinet Online on  February 20, 2016

Category: Cloud
Have you heard of Tesla’s autopilot feature in its new Model S vehicle? Well if you haven’t, here is what you need to know in a nutshell. In the innovative space of autonomous driving, Tesla has raised the bar by introducing an Autonomous cloud-linked software which can accelerate, brake and steer for the driver, provided you’ve got your hands on the wheel. Autopilot uses a great deal of sensors and cameras to guide the car
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