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For some time now, and fueled by the fast pace at which technology is growing, a great debate has taken center-stage in marketing and publicity circles. What is more important than the other between a website and social media? Is a website alone enough? Isn’t social media alone just fine? Doesn’t having the two lead to duplication of information? The simple answer to this modern-day dilemma is that the two of them are complimentary rather

How to Host Your Website with Us

Posted by Clinet Online on  January 14, 2017

Category: Cloud
Once you have had your website awesomely designed and developed, the next step is to choose where it shall be hosted. Hosting enables your website to be accessed from a common point from any place across the world. Here at Clinet Online, we offer web hosting services, and purchasing a hosting space with us is just a breeze. Related Article: Does our small business need a website? Hosting Packages We have different web hosting packages, depending
Now, we are already in agreement that at the least, your business needs a website. It acts as a gateway between your business and the external world. That is important, but not all. You need to ensure that your website does not become stale. Welcome to the equally important art of Website Maintenance. A website is like a growing child; it keeps requiring new clothes and changing diet as it ages. Related Article: Super Benefits of a

How can Digital Branding help your Business?

Posted by Clinet Online on  January 1, 2017

Category: Branding
Any business which is intentional about having a healthy relationship with its customers cannot ignore the value of a brand. What, then, is a brand? In the past, a brand was some piece of hot metal which was used to put a personal mark on those animals which you owned. When a person saw the mark, then they knew that animal belonged to this or that person. The modern purpose of a brand has not

Super Benefits of a website for your small business

Posted by Clinet Online on  December 25, 2016

Category: Web Design
Few days ago we posted a curious article here on our website about ‘Why small businesses need a website’ which was subsequently widely shared on Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp. It triggered a really huge debate storm here on our website and on social media with many people arguing for or against the idea based on their own personal imaginations, prejudices, facts and fiction alike. Read the Article here: Does our small business need a website? Though
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