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Steve Jobs famously said that we hire skilled people not so that we can tell them what to do but instead so that they can tell us what to do. In that simple yet profound statement, this industry leader emphasized the importance of skill and letting the skill work for you. At one point or another in the operations of a company, there will always be a need for a particular skill.  The human resource

Let’s Talk Security: Is your website really secured?

Posted by Clinet Online on  January 22, 2018

Category: Cloud
There is a rise in the number of cyber-attacks being reported in recent times. This is even more serious because it is happening to companies we know, companies we have been transacting with and companies we trusted to take care of our information. No company desires to be hacked, because this leads to loss of client confidence – and the panic usually generated may lead to clients withdrawing their services from you. While there are
So, let’s face it. How long does a user stay on a website before they leave? And the answer is, sadly, not very long. According to the respected Nielson Normal research group, a user stays on average 59 seconds on your website before they leave. Too short? It is. Any wisdom in that time? A lot. It tells us you have a maximum of 59 seconds to interest your website visitors, by which they will have

How an Effective Website Can Elevate Your Business

Posted by Clinet Online on  September 28, 2017

Category: Web Design
Bill Gates, the mogul who runs our lives through Windows, said “Information Technology (IT) and business are inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anyone can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.” That is a solid truth right there, and it is given more weight by the fact that it is authored by one man who has immensely succeeded in both business and information technology. Clinet Online It is for this inter-connectivity between IT

The Internet has one hand on the Steering wheel

Posted by Clinet Online on  September 19, 2017

Category: Cloud
Is internet running our lives or ruining our lives? It depends on which side of the equation you are looking at the issue from. But the undeniable fact is, the internet is running our lives. According to a global marketing group, the number of internet users in Kenya in the year 2000 was 200,000. As of June 2017, the figure had shot to 43,329,434 users, which represents about 89% of the country’s population. If we
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