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In not so many years ago, most businesses were running on brick and mortar. Your business had a physical premise and your clients had to come to your physical location so they can initiate a sale. Or make an inquiry. Also, customers knew about you if probably they happened to pass by your premise, or through word of mouth from other customers. That was then and it worked then. This is now and most things

4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Redesign

Posted by Clinet Online on  May 28, 2019

Category: Web Design
Ageing is normal, and feels a little uncomfortable to admit that it is indeed happening.  This is true for humans, and fact is, it is also true for things online. Like your website. Yeah, your website. It used to look good – does it still look good? May be it still does to you, but would your customers think this way too? Thing is, a website also ages, and not just because of the passage of
Research shows that purchasing patterns and consumer behavior have changed considerably over time. More and more sales leads are being initiated from online forums and these leads are being translated into revenue. That is why, if you are to compete favorably, you must take your online brand seriously. People must know you. Or rather, you must make them know you, and know what you can do for them, and what they can expect from you.
As a company, one of the things that you must continually and intentionally build is your brand. It keeps you in people’s minds and makes you easily identifiable from a crowd of competitors. There are many things that go into the making of your brand, but one of them is your digital artifacts – the graphics that your company will periodically produce to the public. Here in Kenya, you can quickly note those companies whose

Does our small business need a website?

Posted by Clinet Online on  February 23, 2019

Category: Web Design
Now this is a question our super customer care team at Clinet Online gets asked all the time whenever a prospective client is on the line inquiring about our awesome web design services, or when our Digital marketing team mentions to a business owner who is after the service that they need a website before thinking about doing anything else online. Though this question has been answered almost everywhere you look on our website, I feel it’s important
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