A Small Business Guide to Building a Powerful Online Brand

Research shows that purchasing patterns and consumer behavior have changed considerably over time. More and more sales leads are being initiated from online forums and these leads are being translated into revenue. That is why, if you are to compete favorably, you must take your online brand seriously. People must know you. Or rather, you must make them know you, and know what you can do for them, and what they can expect from you. To do this effectively may require a heavy budget, which as a Small Business you may not have. But there are a few things you can do to effectively create a brand that will sell you.

Research your audience. Conduct some research and understand the people you are targeting. Identify where they are likely to be found online. Understand their demographics such as gender, age, marital status, income levels, etc. This will provide you with very rich insights on how to approach them.

Come up with a strategy. The strategy you choose must respond to the following issues: what shall you tell your audience? Identify key things that you will want them to keep remembering about you. Which channel shall you use? A website? Facebook? Twitter? These forums reach people differently, and your research phase should have provided you with rich insights on this. How shall you tell them? Identify the mode of delivery. Photos, posts, videos. And at what frequency? How shall you respond to their questions? All of these must be condensed into a strategy. Good news is that at Clinet Online, we have professional brand strategists who can help you to create a brand that will resonate well with your audience in Kenya and beyond.

Have creative and unique brand artifacts. Think through the artifacts you shall use. These include: logos, website, branding, flyers, etc. Have your logo and flyers designed in a way that is simple but professional and appealing. Your artifacts will determine your first impression, so entrust their design only to professionals. Have your website designed in an elegant manner. At Clinet Online, we have designed logos, websites and other artifacts for many companies in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya, and you can trust us to captivate your audience through well thought out brand artifacts.

Be consistent. Let what your audience sees on Twitter be the same as what they find on your Facebook page. Let the impression they find from your website be what they shall find on Instagram. Let what your customer support people tell them on phone agree with what they find in your online flyers. This communicates clarity. It tells them they can trust you. It communicates mastery of what you do, and this gives them confidence in who you are and what you do. Trust is the currency of sales – generate enough of it.

Branding is that crucial bit which can be so easily bypassed, but which very directly contributes to the amount of revenue you generate, and the amount of loyalty you earn in your clients. We can be trusted in this process of helping you create an online brand. Speak to us today – we know the way.