4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Redesign

Ageing is normal, and feels a little uncomfortable to admit that it is indeed happening.  This is true for humans, and fact is, it is also true for things online. Like your website. Yeah, your website. It used to look good – does it still look good? May be it still does to you, but would your customers think this way too? Thing is, a website also ages, and not just because of the passage of time, but because of years of neglect, and failing to give it the touch that makes it still look fresh and appealing.

The bad thing with a website that is aged is that it reflects badly on your business, your brand, your online reputation. It gives people – potential clients – a bad perception of you even before they get to hear from you. How now do we tell that a website is aged or ageing, and that it may need a redesign? We shall tell you of a few.

If your site is not mobile responsive, then it is aged! How does your website look when viewed from a mobile phone? If it doesn’t realign itself to fit the size of the new screen, without making things look stretched or pushed, then it is time for a redesign. What makes it worse is that Google actually penalizes websites which are not mobile responsive – making them appear lower in Google searches. You don’t want your site to be rated poorly for something that is so easy to fix.

How long does it take to load your website on a browser? If it takes too long, there is something you are doing wrong and it is costing you. Surveys have proved that most people are likely to abandon a site that does not load within three seconds. With the current technologies, and with the right web designer like Clinet Online, it is very possible to make a site load fast even if it is showing a lot of information. On the roads, speed kills; online, lack of it kills. Accelerate your website – your competitors are already doing that.

If you want to change something on your website, let’s say you want to update about a new product, how easily can you do it? If doing this is too difficult, and has to involve calling those tech guys to come and do magic to make some update, then it is time to do a makeover. Having a site that you can easily update is not only easy but necessary. Google will score you poorly if it finds the same old content every time it crawls your website. At Clinet Online, we can redesign your website so that you can make changes whenever you want to. Shall we?

How much traffic is your website generating, and what is the trend? How many customers use your website to reach you? Wait, do you even track the visits to your website? If any of these answers bends to the negative, it shows that your website is not helping you to generate revenue for your business. It is no longer pointing people towards you, and you therefore remain largely unseen. But that can change. We can make it change.

No one wants to look outdated, and neither does your website, nor your business. We are leading website developers in Nairobi and we have designed great websites for clients. You can trust us to represent you in brand new 2019 fashion. And it does not need too much. Just gifted hands and passionate hearts – both of which we have. Talk to us today.